Handcuffs and Pretty Things (Rawlings Men, #8)

PDF-file by Kim Dare

Handcuffs and Pretty Things (Rawlings Men, #8) PDF ebook download Almost every man in the Rawlings family is a cop. Almost. Dane Rawlings likes the finer things in life. As a successful antiques dealer, imposing law and order upon society isn’t one of his main concerns. But that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate the appeal of a man with handcuffs.

Ross O’Sullivan has worked with lots of Rawlings men, none of them prepared him for Dane. When he’s asked to babysit a Rawlings outside a suspected arson attack, he expects his charge to be tall, dark and handsome. A petite, delicate and pretty Rawlings comes as a shock, and it’s not the only shock Dane has in store for him.

eBook Handcuffs and Pretty Things (Rawlings Men, #8)

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