Secrets of a Snarky Writer

PDF-file by Virginia Nelson

Secrets of a Snarky Writer PDF ebook download There are lots of books out there that offer advice on how to write, how to get published, or how to become the next best seller. This isn’t one of those books. Full of snark, dry humor and witticisms, Secrets of a Snarky Writer gives tables, charts, examples and organizational ideas. None of it is delivered in industry jargon, instead this book tells it like it is unapologetically. Includes sample query letters, sample blurbs, how to articles and lots and lots of snark. This ain’t your grandma’s writing textbook. Bring your sense of humor, prepare to chucklesnort coffee out your nose, and maybe, just maybe, learn a little something new.

eBook Secrets of a Snarky Writer

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