Conquer Spelling

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Conquer Spelling PDF ebook download The Edinburgh Techniques are a set of general learning tools. In this book, the techniques are used for spelling. The secret lies in WHOLEBRAIN LEARNING, i.e using Left and Right Hemisphere together.

The results are astonishing.

To demonstrate the power of the technique students (including 7 year old dyslexics) spell PSYCHIATRIST with the parent/teacher in the first session, then go on to learn ENCYCLOPEDIA on their own to show they have mastered this simple Wholebrain Learning tool. They can even spell the words backwards. (Thrusts self esteem through the roof).

“As soon as we started the Edinburgh Techniques we could see a sudden change in Mario. He was much more confident and seemed to enjoy life much more than before. He now has the tools to achieve what he wants. Teachers in school are surprised at his improvements. He achieved 3 awards this month where before he only had 1 in the last 6 months, when he said; ‘' Thanks for saving my life'' at the end of the last session, he wasn't kidding. Thank you so much”
– Mrs Schwarz, London

“The Edinburgh Techniques taught Stephen more in 5 weeks than he learned in remedial classes in 5 years.”
– Mrs Shabbir, West Lothian

eBook Conquer Spelling

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