Bad Judgment

PDF-file by Matthew Stone

Bad Judgment PDF ebook download Newly paroled from the California Correctional Facility in Tehachapi, Gilbert “Sloppy” Borders travels to Los Angeles to exact justice from the judge who wrongly imprisoned him.

In the intervening years, The Honorable Jackson Hunsicker has left the bench and achieved wealth and celebrity as the vituperative host of “Bad Judgment,” the most successful reality courtroom show on daytime television.

But Sloppy isn’t the only one who has it in for Hunsicker. Taunting letters and anonymous phone calls plague the judge, hinting at knowledge of past wrongdoing and threatening to derail his lucrative show business career.

In a town where the moral ground shifts continuously underfoot like the seismically active earth the place is built on, justice can be hard to come by.

eBook Bad Judgment

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