The Complete Wilderness Training Book

PDF-file by Hugh McManners

The Complete Wilderness Training Book PDF ebook download First thing that I noticed was that the book was poorly written.The tenses shifted back and forth from first person to third person, referring to "the special forces" as "they" and then as "we".Confusing.The poor writing detracted from the rest of the book, making it very difficult to read.

Secondly, the title is misleading.This book isn't about wilderness training or field skills in the classic sense.It is about survival training and survival skills.The book is constantly under tension about conventional low impact camping and high impact survival camping.The high impact old fashioned model seems to win out.

In a lot of my reviews, I talk about illustrations and pictures, and how a lot of books don't have enough detailed pictures.This book has a lot of pictures.And they are pretty.The problem is that they don't explain anything.The step by step photographs fail to explain how to light a fire or create a stone knife in enough detail.

Lastly, I was going to show this book to my fiance as an introductory book to wilderness camping.Not a chance.

eBook The Complete Wilderness Training Book

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