Touch of A Dom (Dominant Lovers, #2)

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Touch of A Dom (Dominant Lovers, #2) PDF ebook download TOUCH OF A DOM by Madeleine Oh

Dominant Lovers Series Book Two

With her mother recently dead, Adele Royer is determined to find the father who abandoned them when she was a toddler. The only clues she has are two addresses in Nice that she finds among her mother’s papers. Determined to start her search in the South of France, she applies for a job as cook in Eze and becomes part of Luc Prioux’s staff at Les Santons.

She loves the job and is more than ready to begin her search but Branko Odic, Luc’s secretary, proves to be a delicious distraction. The passion they share is undeniable, their chemistry tangible. He becomes her dream Dominant in bed and a true friend as he aids her in her quest.

Together they find her father in nearby Cannes. But Adele is in for the shock of a lifetime.

eBook Touch of A Dom (Dominant Lovers, #2)

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