Diamonds are for Lovers

PDF-file by Jan Colley

Diamonds are for Lovers PDF ebook download Satin & A Scandalous Affair by Jan Colley

What would it take for Danielle Hammond to design a necklace for one of the world's highest-priced diamonds? Gem broker Quinn Everard wasn't above using blackmail to get Dani to take the job.

She was the only designer worthy of the piece...and the only woman he wanted as his new mistress. Insisting she complete her work at his secluded Australian home, the millionaire soon had Dani under his seductive influence. But he had to watch out...or the smart, sexy woman could uncover every one of his well-kept secrets.

Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir by Paula Roe

Jake Vance was danger in a designer suit, a charming corporate raider. When he set his sights on Blackstone's, Australia's richest diamond dealers, Holly McLeod's primary assignment was as his assistant; her secondary was as a spy. To her amazement, Holly learned her dangerously sexy boss was the long-lost Blackstone heir. And then Jake did the unthinkable: to save his new company, he proposed her!

Jealousy & A Jewelled Proposition by Yvonne Lindsay

Ever since their one night together, making love again to Rachel Kincaid was all Matt Hammond thought about. That and destroying the Blackstone diamond empire and avenging his family. Poised for a take-over, Matt cursed fate for bringing Rachel back now - as nanny to his motherless son. Nights with her in his house tortured him, like the Blackstones did. The billionaire always got what he wanted, but now did he want sweet revenge...or sweet Rachel's love?

eBook Diamonds are for Lovers

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