The Clarke Papers V

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The Clarke Papers V PDF ebook download Since their publication in the Camden Series over 100 years ago, Sir Charles Firth's editions of the papers and New Model Army secretary William Clarke, Clarke Papers I IV (1891 1901), have formed a fundamental source for students of the English Civil War and Interregnum, 1642 1660.

This volume offers a further selection, deciphered for the first time since they were written by Frances Henderson, from the many documents which Clarke disguised in one of the rudimentary shorthand systems of his day. The new material consists mainly of the political intelligence which was being passed at every level from informed sources in London and elsewhere to English army headquarters in Scotland, where Clarke was based during the 1650s.

The text is fully annotated. Appendices include a list of correspondents identified by Clarke in shorthand letters otherwise written en clair, and a survey of the use of shorthand in early seventeenth-century England.

eBook The Clarke Papers V

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