Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism

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Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism PDF ebook download He was the son of a German father and a Bolivian mother. His family was quite well to do, owning silver mines in South America as well as a cigar factory.[1] After spending two years in the German army during World War I, he caught tuberculosis and was discharged. He briefly studied philosophy and archeology at Freiburg University. From 1920 until 1928 he lived in an international art colony on Capri in Italy, working as a abstract painter and a poet, receiving some money from his family. He carried out archeological research in Naples and Cagliari and studied tumuli in the Mediterranean including North Africa, still intending to get a doctorate. This ambition came to an end, when he became interested in Buddhism and meditation.
He then moved to Sri Lanka and became a Buddhist monk of the Theravada tradition. He was quite critical of Tibetan Buddhism, which he considered invaded by demons. In 1931 he went to a conference in Darjeeling to convert Tibetans to a more pure form of Buddhism. In nearby Sikkim he met the Tibetan teacher Tomo Geshe Rimpoche (1866–1936),[2] who completely turned around Govinda's opinions. From then on he embraced the Tibetan form of Buddhism. After founding his order in 1933, for three decades he lived a secluded life at 'Crank's Ridge', outside Almora in northern India. From here he undertook travels through the remotest areas of Tibet, making large numbers of paintings, drawings and photographs. These travels he described in his book The Way of the White Clouds. In 1947 he married a Persian speaking photographer Li Gotami (original name Ratti Petit).
In the 1960s he began travelling around the world to lecture on Buddhism, and settled in the San Francisco Bay area in his twilight years, where he was hosted for a time by Alan Watts. He died in Mill Valley, California.

eBook Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism

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