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Andreas Gursky PDF ebook download Famed worldwide for his epically proportioned photographs, Andreas Gursky is one of very few contemporary artists able to represent cultures of excessive information—which he does through images of supermarket wares, crowds, trash, architecture and nature. The extreme detail of Gursky's final image—achieved by digital restructuring—produces a vertiginous effect on the viewer, as it oscillates between total representation and total abstraction. It could be said that Gursky updates the eighteenth-century sublime for our times.
This publication surveys the artist's most recent creations, on display at the renowned Kunstmuseum Basel throughout the winter of 2007/2008. Two new groups of works in particular, one on Formula 1 races and the other on the famous Arirang Festival (a closely choreographed mass spectacle in North Korea's capital of Pyongyang), are gathered here.

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