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Family In Singapore PDF ebook download Since its first publication in 1994, Family in Singapore: Sociological Perspectiveshas provided an important insight on the situation of the family in modern Singapore, through the 20th century, and the impact of social policy on the family. It addresses issues such as major trends in marriage and parenthood; the impact of socio-economic development and social change on family relations and family structure; and the changing role of women in family and society over time. The role of the state in family conflict and in the family-versus-work dilemma receive special attention and are examined through the provision of childcare services, gender roles and the family court.

The revised and expanded second edition provides a current and detailed analysis of the issues covered in the first edition as well as incorporates new developments in the public and private spheres of family life in Singapore. New chapters analyse the concept of social capital represented by grandparents in Singapore, how values are transmitted across generations, and the resilience of father and mother roles. This second edition engages with the international scene when it discusses the main issues of family policy and family relations in Singapore and other countries.

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