The Marriage of Sense and Soul

PDF-file by Ken Wilber

The Marriage of Sense and Soul PDF ebook download In The Marriage of Sense and Soul, one of today's most important philosophers articulates how we might begin to think about science and religion in ways that allow for their reconciliation and union, on terms that will be acceptable to both camps. Wilber clearly and succinctly explores the schism between science and religion, and the impact of this "philosophical Cold War" on the fate of humanity. He systematically reviews previous attempts at integration, explaining why romantic, idealistic, and postmodern theories failed. And he demonstrates how science is compatible with certain deep features common to all of the world's major religious traditions. In pointing the way to a union between truth and meaning, Ken Wilber has created an elegant and accessible book that is breathtaking in its scope.

eBook The Marriage of Sense and Soul

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