Giving Up the Ghost (Laying a Ghost, #2)

PDF-file by Jane Davitt

Giving Up the Ghost (Laying a Ghost, #2) PDF ebook download Most of the people in Florida are soaking up the sun. Nick and John are dealing with a plane crash, a gold-digger, a reporter with an eye on more than a good story, and some startling revelations about Nick's family.

And that's before the ghosts from the crash get angry with Nick, the one person who can hear them.

They’re struggling with their relationship when the trip begins — sex works, sex works well; it’s the other stuff that’s a problem. Getting away seemed like a good way to work things out. But this is one getaway that might leave John and Nick wishing they'd stayed at home.

Or it might be just what they needed to find out that home is where the heart is.

eBook Giving Up the Ghost (Laying a Ghost, #2)

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