The Witch, the Wolf and the Snowstorm (Grey Wolf Pack, #6)

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The Witch, the Wolf and the Snowstorm (Grey Wolf Pack, #6) PDF ebook download Life is good for Kayleigh Lewicki. She enjoys her job, loves her friends and her boyfriend just proposed. Things are going great. Except for the part where she can’t stop thinking about another man. Not to mention what he gets up to in her dreams...

It wasn’t her fault though, the guy just kind of embodies her dream man. As a erotic romance fanatic she’d read about a hundred novels where the rough older Texan farmhand takes the young farmers daughter and teaches her about her sensuality... Those were her favourites. So when that tall drink of water Texan wolf rocked up into the library her imagination just went wild. It was just a silly crush though right?

Don Cross had long ago resigned himself to being alone. He had a chance to be with his true mate and he lost it. He knew he would never love another woman and would never feel the passion he shared with his mate, and after twenty years he had come to terms with that. Given this he’s shocked by the intense attraction and lust he feels when he meets a certain curvy young witch.

Knowing that she’s engaged to another man, knowing that he can’t offer her a future Don decides the best thing to do is stay away from her. However things become a little awkward when the two of them find themselves stranded together in the middle of a snowstorm... with no escape and only each other for company how can he possibly hide his feelings from her?

Please note this novella is approximately 43,000 words in length (short and sweet right!) But I must advise caution! This novella contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers. (And there’s a bit of swearing too!) Cheeky witch...

eBook The Witch, the Wolf and the Snowstorm (Grey Wolf Pack, #6)

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