Marked Cards (Wild Cards, #14)

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Marked Cards (Wild Cards, #14) PDF ebook download I have been rereading (or in some cases, reading for the first time), the entire "Wild Cards" series.I'm not sure if I've read this book before or not, and I know I didn't read the next one, so I'm at that point where I'm switching from reread to read.

In this book, we learn of a conspiracy called the "Card Sharks"—a secret cabal of individuals who want to completely eradicate the Takisian virus, no matter what it takes (think Republicans and poor people, or Democrats and fiscal discipline, or the Tea Party and common sense).It is up to a small group of mostly jokers to expose this group and stop their plans.

The reason I'm giving it three stars is because I didn't feel it needed to be as long as it was.I think it suffers from "second in a trilogy" problems, where the second book or movie in a trilogy has to do a lot of exposition to transition from the first whatever to the last (think "Back to the Future II").

It was still a fun read, but there are some plodding parts that you have to get through.

eBook Marked Cards (Wild Cards, #14)

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