The Girls in Their Summer Dresses and other stories

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The Girls in Their Summer Dresses and other stories PDF ebook download The plot of the story is Mike and Frances are walking down a street.Mike keeps looking at all the women that they walk by.Frances yells at him and he apologizes.Then they walk down another street.Mike does the same thing as before and looks at the women that they pass.Frances yells at him again.Then they walk into a bar and Mike explains why he looks at other women.

There are three characters in this story.Mike is a guy and is France's husband.He looks at other girls that he sees. Frances is a girl and is Mike’s wife.Doesn't like that Mike looks at other girls.Waiter smiles a lot.

The setting took place in the 20th century.It took place first on 5th avenue.Next it takes place in 8th avenue.Then it takes place in a bar.This impacts the story by telling you what happens as they go to the bar.

The recommended audience that should read this is 18-40 years old.It should be that age because it would be easier to understand if you were in a relationship like they are. That or they should be married.It doesn't matter what gender you should be to read this because it affects both.I would recommend this book to people who are married or in a relationship.

eBook The Girls in Their Summer Dresses and other stories

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