Higher Than Eagles

PDF-file by Peggy Webb

Higher Than Eagles PDF ebook download Once Rachel Windham had vowed never to be more than a heartbeat away from irresistible pilot Jacob Donovan. Brash, bold, a daredevil rogue in tight jeans and leather jacket, he was her destiny, her only love — until the danger he courted fighting oil rig fires made her flee... into marriage to another man. For six long years, she'd kept a painful secret from him, but her deception had caught up with her: Jacob was back, she was a widow with a young son, and nothing would keep him from learning the truth at last. He'd haunted her dreams for so long, now he stalked her with a sensual power that made her ache, made her yearn — but she dared not surrender to his fierce demands.

Jacob insisted he didn't want her anymore, but Rachel was still the only woman who could soothe his pain and take him soaring beyond the stars. Would the truth set him free of her forever, or could he forgive the enchantress who'd always be the wind beneath his wings?

eBook Higher Than Eagles

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