The Incomparable Miss Compton (Rogues and Rakes, #7)

PDF-file by Regina Scott

The Incomparable Miss Compton (Rogues and Rakes, #7) PDF ebook download "The Incomparable Miss Compton" is a good story. It's a bit light on substance, has characters that occasionally make silly decisions, and contains some of the less-than-appealing cliches - such as a villain secretly bent on revenge and an initial focus of "I love you" being said rather than shown through action. But it's also a quick, fairly amusing read without mistresses or other drama. It's sweet to see the political-obsessed hero slow down and court the on-the-shelf heroine more and more, at first for practical reasons. The ending in particular - and the plot action leading up to it - is done very well, making the book better than it would have been otherwise. I'd recommend the book for an easy read.

eBook The Incomparable Miss Compton (Rogues and Rakes, #7)

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