The Ordinary And The Fabulous

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The Ordinary And The Fabulous PDF ebook download In children's minds, what the poet Edwin Muir calls 'the ordinary and the fabulous' are closely intertwined. The Greek and Norse gods and heroes of the European mythological tradition can be significant to them as the matter-of-fact events of daily life. The author's aim in this book is to interpret the familiar legends and tails, and describe how they can best be told to children. She discusses a number of parallel accounts of well-known stories, and uses them to point lessons on the problems of story-telling. Children's literature is a neglected area of criticism ; Miss Cook's sensitive and illuminating book will reveal much that is important of of value to her readers.
There is an annotated bibliography describing books of children's stories and other reading useful for teachers.
The book was written with the needs of teachers, student teachers and student librarians specially in mind, though it will be valuable to all who find themselves having to tell stories to young children.

eBook The Ordinary And The Fabulous

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