Wooing the Schoolmarm

PDF-file by Dorothy Clark

Wooing the Schoolmarm PDF ebook download A Spinster by ChoiceWhen Willa Wright's fiancé abandoned her, he ended all her hopes for romance. Now she dedicates herself to teaching Pinewood's children, including the new pastor's young wards. If she didn't know better, Reverend Calvert's kindness could almost fool Willa into caring again. Almost...¬†Though Matthew Calvert adores his niece and nephew, he wants a family of his own, too. The more he sees of the pretty schoolteacher, the more he wants that future with her.Yet Willa, so warm to her pupils, is ice-cool toward him.But where there's a woman like Willa, there's a man determined to guide her back to love.

eBook Wooing the Schoolmarm

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