Merciless Book of Metal Lists

PDF-file by Howie Abrams

Merciless Book of Metal Lists PDF ebook download The Merciless Book of Metal Listsáis an irreverent and illustrated compendium of the most random, funny, and challenging information about Heavy Metal from the last 40 years. You want to know which Metal albums ôjumped the sharkö? Curious to know what non-Metal bands Metalheads love, which album covers feature goats, embarrassing Metal fashion faux pas, and the unfortunate original names Metal bands started with? This is the book. In addition to some highly opinionated lists, this energetically designed volume features quotes, short essays, iconic four-color photography, and contributions from notable metal personalities, including Eddie Trunk, Gary Holt (Exodus), and Scott Ian (Anthrax, S.O.D.), among others.

eBook Merciless Book of Metal Lists

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