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Career Change PDF ebook download Are you tired of asking "What should I do with my life?" 

Have you read all the career change books out there and still don't know what you should do?

Don't worry, I know how you feel!

I used to start every working week saying "I hate my job", and end every Friday drinking too much to try and drown the misery. I was a cubicle worker in large corporates, going to pointless meetings, writing endless documents no one would read. Every day, my soul and my creativity died a little. Maybe you feel the same?

Life is too short to just exist on the edge of breakdown, and there is a better way of living.
Discover what you love to do and then make that your job, your life's work.

This book will take you through understanding how you feel now, how to improve your current situation immediately so you can create enough space to work on breaking out and doing what you truly love. It also contains the career change process I used to go from management consultant to full-time author-entrepreneur.

Part 1: "I hate my job"
Identify the problem. It's true - most people do not enjoy their jobs, but that doesn't mean you have to be one of masses. 
 Understand the results of an unhappy workplace - stress, weight gain, depression. Do you recognize any of these in the way you feel?Part 2: Improve your current situation

Sometimes you find it hard to make a change because all your energy is taken up in surviving. But there are ways to create enough mental space to take another look.
Develop yourself as an asset and create opportunity through self-development.Find positive ways to manage your stress, taking control of the situation and expanding your comfort zone
 Understand why money and the expectations of others trap us into the jobs we do, and how you can break out of those unhelpful ways of thinking 
 Learn how you can start to build a financial buffer that will help you make the transition into something new (once you decide what that is) 
 Rediscover your creativity and use it to help you design a new life 
 Learn why escape is sometimes necessary and how distance can help you get some perspective on what is truly important Part 3: Step-By-Step: How to change your career and your life

What do you really want to do with your life? Go through this series of questions to identify the parameters of your possible future lifestyle design.Learn the benefits of entrepreneurship and working for yourself, versus the pros and cons of being an employee. 
 Go through the Career Change Process from initial ideas, through research, retraining or getting experience to finally breaking out of the job you hate.
 Set your goals and understand how you can achieve your dreams over time. It is possible. I've done it so you can too! It's time to change your life. Scroll up & click the buy button today.

Previously published with the title: How to love your job or find a new one.

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