The Little Warranty People

PDF-file by Eduard Uspensky

The Little Warranty People PDF ebook download I read this book because I wanted to read more international literature. I found it at an auction and after seeing it was from Russia, I bid it up and took it home. It is a very pleasant read. There's no overwhelming drama or depressing parts. It's simple and a calming read.

While this book reminded me of Mary Norton's The Borrowers and John Lawrence Peterson's The Littles series, each has its differences and unique spin about how little people live. For instance, they don't have tails. The Warranty People also don't "borrow". They live inside appliances and keep them functioning until the warranty expires. Then they head back the the factory until they are given a new assignment and appliance.

These Warranty People travel to the Russian Country for two months inside a refrigerator because the family has gone on vacation. If they would have remained at their posts, their services wouldn't have been needed for those two months. It is only after they've arrived at the country house that they learn that mice have already occupied it and are not too keen on sharing their territory. This means war...

eBook The Little Warranty People

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