All Smoke No Fire

PDF-file by Randi Alexander

All Smoke No Fire PDF ebook download Dax Marshall is surprised when country music singer Marilou Roselle calls him out on stage to perform the song he hoped to sell her. But he’s shocked when she invites him to ride with her to New Orleans for a Mardi Gras performance. He makes the uncharacteristic choice to call in sick to his job on the oil field, and head south with her. But somewhere between South Dakota and Louisiana, he falls for the intelligent, motivated, sensual woman.

Marilou sees great potential in Dax. He has a deep, seductive voice and a strong, sexy body, but she knows he’ll always stay behind the scenes as a songwriter if she doesn’t push him toward a singing career. The attraction between them grows hotter than a Bourbon Street bar on Mardi Gras Day and they give in to their wild desire. But Dax learns he’s not Marilou’s first “project” and heads home, confused and heartbroken. Can she convince him that their bond isn’t like those other times, that what she feels for him is real?

eBook All Smoke No Fire

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