Fata din dafin

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Fata din dafin PDF ebook download Grigore Popescu-Băjenaru was a Romanian writer. His best known novel is "Cişmigiu et Comp.", that presents his adventures as a student of Gheorghe Lazăr High School, situated near the Cişmigiu Gardens in central Bucharest, in the interwar period. It was a best-seller for several decades, and still popular among high school students. Its sequel is "Bună dimineaţa, băieţi!", presenting moments from his career as a teacher.

He was born in Periş, near Bucharest. After attending high school, he studied literature and philosophy at the University of Bucharest. He worked as a teacher at several private and state schools, and later took administrative jobs at Bucharest City Hall, the Astronomical Observatory and at the Art Gallery.

eBook Fata din dafin

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