The Christmas Wreath (Forever Christmas Book 3)

PDF-file by Angela Ford

The Christmas Wreath (Forever Christmas Book 3) PDF ebook download Annie Dixon’s love for nature and her hometown of Glenville has her driven to find a way to keep the tree farm from outsiders. When the bank grants sixty days before the tree farm is listed for public sale, Annie and her friends devise a plan to finance the buy.

The death of Annie’s childhood friend brings Detective Ryder Harris back to Glenville. A child in his eyes, he always called her ‘Sweet Annie’. Now he sees her differently. Annie never admitted she had a big crush for Ryder. Now that familiar flutter in her heart is back. Annie knows Ryder won’t settle in Glenville. And is Ryder really back for his sister’s funeral or is he connected to the town resort’s sudden disappearance of their manager?

For the first time in many years, Ryder is excited about the holidays. Will the magic of Christmas forever connect these two hearts

eBook The Christmas Wreath (Forever Christmas Book 3)

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