Southland Tales Book 3

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Southland Tales Book 3 PDF ebook download July 2 2008. The search for Boxer Santaros has reached up into the highest levels of national security. His mother-in-law, Nana Mae Frost, is the wife of the Republican vice-presidential candidate... Texas senator Bobby Frost. Nana Mae is the former deputy director of the NSA, and she has recently been named head of US-Ident... a colossal think tank formed under the protection of the Patriot Act. Us-Ident has just opened its first surveillance facility in downtown Los Angeles, as the Republicans race to secure the state of California for the first time in many years. Meanwhile, Ronald Taverner has begun preparations for his role in a dangerous game of political extortion instigated by the neo-Marxists. He is haunted by a recurring dream that could unlock the key to a top secret scientific experiment.

eBook Southland Tales Book 3

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