I'd Die For You (Slippery When Wet, #4)

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I'd Die For You (Slippery When Wet, #4) PDF ebook download The fourth and final book in the Slippery When Wet series and I am loving it – for a whole lot of reasons. Firstly I have followed this series from book one and I was not only pleased by the fact that Ms. Mason and Ms. Byrnes was quick off the mark in giving them to us – so no waiting a whole year for anther book, they also kept the story line tight – it wasn’t all over the place, you basically knew what you were getting by about book two.

In I’D DIE FOR YOU - Snake and Abel are great, they wereeasy, nothing seems to phase them – there were a few angsty moment that was dealt with in typical male bravado way and life went on.

This book is areally short read and a little over half the book deals with Snake and Abel getting alot of their itch out of their system and you know me – always one to highlight the smut, I WAS LOVING IT. It was down right, loud, dirty and a whole lot of it.

The story itself played out over a relatively short period and literally went according to plan for Snake. The only deviation from getting the guy who set him up is meeting Abel along the way. Lucky for him Abel was not opposed to pulling up stakes and tagging along. The journey and subsequent events were uneventful to say the least and I kinda went along with the flow of the book .

By the time the action started it over before I could get a handle on it. I can’t say I was disappointed in that, asI knew what was going to happen – so it worked.

My only let down was probably expecting to hear more about Felix – that evil thing from Corcoran prison – I so wanted him to get his comeuppance ( Is that the blood thirsty devil in me – so be it) I wanted him to pay and feel like he’s paying.

Bottom Line

An easy read that doesn’t feel like the end to a series, but does show Ms. Mason doing what she does best – gelling men together in a setting that is easy on the imagination while using language that is meant to bring out a wide range of emotion in the reader. It ties in with the other three books in the series – yet fell short at meeting out justice to some much deserved characters. I am going to miss the array of men Ms. Mason and Ms Byrnes introduces us to every few months, but all goods things must come to an end and it was a pleasure to share in the ride of this series with these ladies.

eBook I'd Die For You (Slippery When Wet, #4)

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