The Life Of A Tibetan Monk

PDF-file by Geshe Rabten

The Life Of A Tibetan Monk PDF ebook download The auto-biography of Geshe Rabten, as told to some of his early students, contains not only the intensely vivid recollections of Geshe Rabten about his early life, but beautiful color photos of him and many other great Tibetan masters. Along with the photos, line drawings by reknowned artis Eva van Dam help to give the reader the impression of getting to know what Geshe was really like. Of all of the many Tibetan Buddhist masters who have come to the west, Geshe Rabten is one of two or three who have had a fundamental impact. His teaching style was unique, and was able to tailor his teaching to suit a wide variety of students.

eBook The Life Of A Tibetan Monk

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