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Have you always wanted to write for the librarian community but didn’t know where to start? That was certainly the case when I made the decision to start writing. I began by searching for any reading material on the subject that would be helpful. Thankfully, there exists a book called Writing and Publishing: The Librarian’s Handbook to ease beginners into the publishing process. This is an exceptional resource that offers great insight and inspiration to any librarians with the desire or need to write. This would also be a good choice for those who have hesitations about writing or publishing.

The book contains contributed articles from about forty-seven librarians that share their experiences and advice on a wide range of topics related to writing. Each of these authors is experienced in the area that their piece covers and therefore well suited to offer the tips provided. Almost every topic you could possibly need to know about is discussed from blogging, writing book reviews, to being an editor. Carol Smallwood has managed to bring together these different writing styles in a cohesive manner that can be read as stand-alone pieces or in its entirety. The formatting is visual appealing and a good size font is used. In many cases subheadings are used to break each article’s text into smaller, easier to read sections.

The first 64 pages discuss practical advice for writing including the reasons there are to write, getting started, working with others, revisions, and preparing for publication. My favorite article within this section is titled “A Pep Talk on Writing the Awful First Draft”, where the author offers his insights and advice on writing the first draft in a comical manner. The book then goes into finding your niche, writing a newspaper column, and book reviewing. Book reviews can differ depending on the publication they are being written for, but are a great way to get started with writing in the field. The rest of the articles in this part are about magazine writing, academic papers, writing for textbooks, children’s literature, and poetry. In the next section, there are quite a few pages devoted to writing for online outlets such as blogs, amazon.com, and library websites. The book then finishes by focusing on maximizing opportunities.

So much is covered that everyone is certain to find some helpful advice within these pages, wherever there interest lies. You may also discover writing avenues that you hadn’t considered before finding information about it in this volume.

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