Annihilation Zones

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Annihilation Zones PDF ebook download NEW: The Modern Death series: The history of the 20th century-both military and social-is defined by violent death. The Modern Death series examines every aspect of human annihilation, from the mass battle casualties and civilian atrocities of war to the world-changing political assassinations, mass murders, celebrity suicides and car crash deaths which define our lives and times. From Pol Pot's reign of terror in Cambodia during the late seventies, to Japanese medical experimentation camps, and USSR death camps at Kolyma, on the Far Eastern Pacific coast, where 12 million Soviet citizens were gratuitously and systematically massacred," Annihilation Zones "examines the shocking Far Eastern tradition of brutal murder and atrocity which persists to this day. Stephen Barber, cultural historian and leading academic, presents this graphic, revelatory document demonstrating how homicide and xenophobia remain inextricably entwined in the Far Eastern psyche, ever-ready to resurface. Illustrated with rare and harrowing photographs, "Annihilation Zones "is volume 1 in Creation's new "Modern Death" series and the follow-up to Barber's best-selling "Caligula: Divine Carnage."

eBook Annihilation Zones

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