Podcasting Tricks

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Podcasting Tricks PDF ebook download You were named Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 2006 and you're still not podcasting? What are you waiting for? We'll take you from recording to producing to publishing your podcasts with a professional edge.

Podcasting Tricks is your end-to-end guide for producing your podcasts. You'll learn best practices for making editorial decisions about length, topic and show frequency. We'll show you how to create quality recordings whether you are recording just yourself or multiple voices, or recording someone over the phone. You'll be able to create and add introductions and other elements, and find and add theme music.

Next, we'll guide you through creating artwork and enhanced graphics and links, including tags so your podcast feed will show up in the search tools. We'll even show how to start promoting your podcast to reach a wider audience.

Best of all, you don't need the most expensive equipment with all of the features you'll never use. We'll show you how to get started for a minimal investment.

eBook Podcasting Tricks

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