The Official Southampton FC Quiz Book

PDF-file by Adam Pearson

The Official Southampton FC Quiz Book PDF ebook download Here's a challenge for all you Southampton Football Club fans. Will you prove yourselves to be sinners as you are sent reeling by the 1,200 fiendish questions in this book, or will you emerge saints and be polishing your halos, as you gloat over how much you know about your favourite team? Covering every possible aspect of the Saints' long history, including players, managers, opponents, scores, transfers, nationalities, seasons, League positions, Cup competitions, and much more, you'll be searching every corner of your brains to come up with the answers. With a fitting foreword by Francis Benali, this tribute to the Saints will trigger fond recollections of all the nail-biting matches and unforgettable personalities that have left an imprint on the club's history, and it is as much a treasure trove of amazing and wide-ranging facts and figures as it is an entertaining quiz book.

eBook The Official Southampton FC Quiz Book

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