Parker Street Pickup

PDF-file by Audrey Bouchard

Parker Street Pickup PDF ebook download Submissive Kris lets her husband set up their most extreme kinky scene yet. He's long wanted her to cuckold him, but his status as a Dominant means he wants the experience to be even more intense. He finds four hot black men online and dresses his wife up like a streetwalking whore. Then he "turns her out" as a hooker in the city's nastiest red light district, letting her find her way toward his pre-approved group of kinky players SUV.

The guys like what they see. They want to use Kris all at once, right there in the car, at a "place" they know — a scenic stop where young locals go to fuck. Introducing herself as "Crystal," Kris agrees to do it for a bargain price.

But once the guys have driven her to a nearby sex spot and start to get going with her in the back of the car, she wonders if they're being so rough because David let them know how much she likes that — or because she stumbled into the wrong SUV?

Could "Crystal" really be fucking four strangers for money?

She's not 100% sure, but pretty soon she doesn't care. She gets hotter than she's ever been, as her inner whore comes out to play...

Parker Street Pickup is an explicit erotic story of domination and submission and consensual group sex, sex work role-play and erotic forced exhibitionism. It may include such topics as domination, submission, role play, polyamory, cheating, infidelity, cuckolding, group sex, exhibitionism, public sex, and other forms of sexual variation. Do not sample, buy or read it if you might find such themes offensive.

eBook Parker Street Pickup

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