Girls! Girls! Girls! Five Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories

PDF-file by Sally Whitley

Girls! Girls! Girls! Five Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories PDF ebook download If you’re looking for boys, go look somewhere else!This collection is all about experiences with other women.It’s sweet, it’s rough, it’s gentle, and it’s hard.No two first lesbian experiences are alike, but all of these ones are scorching!
Warning: This ebook contains explicit descriptions of sex including first lesbian sex, lesbian group sex, lesbian seduction, and more.Only mature adults who won’t find that content offensive should read this ebook.
1. Deirdre Debbie and Me: A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story by Connie Hastings
Who would have thought that right after finals I’d wake up and my roommates would have their hands and mouths all over me?It was my first lesbian sex, and it happened in a group!
2. Licked by the Naughty Nurse: A First Lesbian Erotic Short by Geena Flix
She thought she was headed to the doctor’s office for a stress relieving massage, but Nurse Aster has other ideas.It starts out as it should, but before long, the slutty nurse moves her hands in all sorts of places she shouldn’t.It’s a powerful first lesbian experience at the doctor’s office.
3. Soft Jazz and Sweet Wine: A College Call Girl’s First Lesbian Client by Sally Whitley
Sally Whitley returns to writing her memoirs, Anything You Want: Memoirs of a College Call Girl.In this explicit erotica story, she recounts her experiences with his first client for lesbian sex.Of course, anything Miss Whitley writes is sexy and red hot, but her plain and honest approach to the forbidden profession is refreshing, poignant, and beautiful.Her recollections of the lovely and rich client Darlene call to mind attraction, love, and even bittersweet pity.
4. Sweet and Spicy Summer: My First Lesbian Experience by Alice Drake
June is recovering from a divorce that’s made her realize her marriage wasn’t just unhappy but that she’s never really lived.When a chance encounter with the beautiful Kathryn fills her with thoughts and desires she’s never had before, it’s a thrilling and captivating time.The summer’s suddenly become scorching as June explores herself, and Kathryn, and discovers that life can indeed still be sweet in the midst of her very first lesbian sex experience.
5. Tamara All Tied Up: A First Lesbian BDSM Experience by Casey Strackner
Tamara is pretty sure she’s not into boys anymore.They’re just not turning her on.In fact, she finds her roommate Caitlin attractive (though she sure is flighty and irritating!)One day, while searching for boots her roommate borrowed without asking, she stumbles upon a box with ropes, gags, and handcuffs.Before she can really process what she sees, Caitlin walks in and sees her.What follows is Tamara’s first lesbian sex experience, and her first bondage and domination experience as well!

eBook Girls! Girls! Girls! Five Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories

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