Tangled Thing Called Love (Life and Love on the Lam, #3)

PDF-file by Juliet Rosetti

Tangled Thing Called Love (Life and Love on the Lam, #3) PDF ebook download Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum has Ranger and Joe. Now Juliet Rosetti keeps readers swooning with Mazie Maguire and her hot-to-trot boy toy, Ben Labeck.

Mazie’s boyfriend—photojournalist and sex god Ben Labeck—might be trouble on two very strong, very sexy legs, but he’s got no idea what he’s signing up for when he invites himself along to the family farm in Quail Hollow to meet the Maguires. Mazie knows that bringing a guy home is a recipe for disaster, especially when she’s not sure whether their relationship is serious or just seriously steamy. That goes double when she finds herself reluctantly squeezing back into a bikini and sash for the anniversary of a supposedly cursed local beauty pageant.

All this is wreaking havoc on Mazie’s love life. Suddenly Ben’s too busy playing gentleman farmer on the Maguire estate to indulge in a more discreet kind of play in Mazie’s bed. And when he’s not tilling the soil, he’s digging up dirt on the Curse of Miss Quail Hollow. Maybe that swimsuit competition isn’t such a bad way to get Ben’s attention back where it belongs—and get him to admit that he’s head-over-heels in love with her.

eBook Tangled Thing Called Love (Life and Love on the Lam, #3)

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