The Village Bride of Beverly Hills

PDF-file by Kavita Daswani

The Village Bride of Beverly Hills PDF ebook download The author of the "enchanting" and "delightful" (USA Today) debut novel For Matrimonial Purposes returns with a romantic comedy about a new bride leading a secret double life.
After an arranged marriage in her native India, Priya moves with her husband to California, where they share a house with his parents. Playing the traditional daughter- in-law role, she’s expected to clean, cook, and—because she doesn’t immediately get pregnant—find a job as well!
But the job, at a glossy Hollywood gossip magazine, isn’t at all what Priya’s in-laws had in mind for a traditional Indian wife. She soon finds herself with a secret life that she must hide from her disapproving new family.
All the while, she is growing into a marriage with a man whose loyalty is decidedly torn between his parents and his bride. This is hardly surprising, given that he met his wife only a week before their wedding. The question is, can this fragile new love survive the pull between tradition and ambition?

eBook The Village Bride of Beverly Hills

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