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Unabomber PDF ebook download When Federal Agents raided a remote Montana cabin to apprehend Theodore J. Kaczynski, the alleged Unabomber, they discovered what amounted to a one-room bomb factory. Now bestselling author John Douglas, the former FBI Unit Chief who originated the Unabomber profle, reveals the remarkable inside story behind the bureau's eighteen-year manhunt, the elusive Kaczynski, and his dramatic arrest. Douglas' expert knowledge and firsthand experience bring all aspects of this fascinating case to vivid life: the bomber's first calculated, daring attempts to severely injure his targets; his chilling turn to murder; the FBI's frustrating attempts to build an investigation; the controversy surrounding the Unabomber's manifesto; and the unexpected twists that brought the FBI to the outskirts of Lincoln, Montana. Go behind the scenes of one of the most painstaking, dangerous — and secretive — FBI investigations of our time, as John Douglas delves into the mind, methods, and madness of America's most-wanted serial killer.

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