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Shadowland PDF ebook download I am a casual comics reader these days. A while back I picked up a copy of The Devil's Hand, a compilation of comics covering Daredevil's ascension (descension?) to the role of leader of the shadowy organization known as The Hand. I loved it and waited patiently for the conclusion of the story, Shadowland. Man, was I disappointed.

The art is good. The writing is competent. Here's the thing, though: this "book" is missing its climax. And I don't mean that the ending is anticlimactic; I mean that the most important part of the story is literally missing. On one page, Spider-Man, Iron Fist and half the cops in Hell's Kitchen are in Daredevil's underground dungeon and Daredevil is on the verge of executing Foggy Nelson. On the next page, the dungeon is closed, Daredevil is no longer running the hand, and Foggy is perfectly fine.

I can only assume that the climax is out there somewhere, probably scattered across sixteen different issues of five different Marvel titles. I don't know. I don't know how to find out. I don't have the money to hire Dakota North to find the missing pages of this story.

I'm fine with comic crossovers. When Spider-Man showed up in Daredevil's prison, I assumed that I would have to pick up a Spider-Man comic to learn how that happened. Fine. But leaving out the most important part of a Daredevil story in a compilation of Daredevil comics? Not fine.

This is cynical, money-grubbing bullshit. Shame on you, Marvel.

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