Red Rock Rises (The Red Rock Series, #1)

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Red Rock Rises (The Red Rock Series, #1) PDF ebook download
Red Rock Rises (The Red Rock Series, Book 1) by Taylor Lee

Nanee's Review:

Love these characters. Especially Jesse wow! She's a kick ass bad ass, sweet, shy and vulnerable women who always relied on herself. Wolfis tough as nails, bad ass, sexy as hell (swoon) and so amazing in every sense, I loved the basketball and what Wolf does for his community. These two characters are so hot together, scorchingly hot. Love Trey too, he's a awesome kid, shy and sweet and loves his mom. I wanted to slap "the Dr" story was amazinglywritten, action packed, sexy as hell, WTF moments and holy shit moments are everywhere. Wow! Loved this story from start to finish, can't wait to read more by this author.This story has it all, love, sadness, kick ass moments and happiness. Oh yeh and I loved Sean too, I think he did the best he could with Jesse and they both obviously love each other, I think she's a kick butt mom.. I want Favorite in this box set...5 stars review by Nanee at

eBook Red Rock Rises (The Red Rock Series, #1)

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