When Patty Went Away

PDF-file by Jeannie Burt

When Patty Went Away PDF ebook download "When Patty Went Away" is a family drama set in the mid 1970s. It plays out in a remote farming community in the Northwest when rebellious and nasty fifteen-year-old Patty Pugh disappears.
Jack McIntyre, a quiet farmer and his beloved daughter, seem to be the only ones who care. No one looks for the girl, yet Jack cannot let her go, and a search will require him to rise against his own wife and against the customs and traditions of his community. In a quest reminiscent of "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry," Jack sets out on an uncertain journey which lands him in the underbelly of Montreal, where he encounters a world he could never imagine.

eBook When Patty Went Away

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