Johnny Logan

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Johnny Logan PDF ebook download A nice easy short read which is rare with an Allan Eckert book. I was bit dubious of this when I picked it up but it was a really great story. He filled in some gaps of the story I already know but didn't go into too much detail on some of the important yet well covered elsewhere historical events. I really thought I was going to hate Johnny Logan but I didn't. Eckert made a good case for the reasons for his actions and I was kind of sad to see him go actually! I realize there is some historical debate regarding the lineage of Spemica Lawba who became Johnny Logan. The author ran with the theory that this Shawnee was the daughter of Tecumseh's sister which would make Tecumseh his Uncle. This made the narrative even more interesting and entertaining. Highly recommended for anyone interested in this time period and new to Eckert's narrative style of historical story telling.

eBook Johnny Logan

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