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Heart Zones PDF ebook download Doc Childre, a researcher, author, composer, and founder of the Institute of HeartMath, blended creativity and science to create this unique four-song instrumental recording. Published studies verify Heart Zones calms and relaxes listeners while increasing their vitality and mental clarity. The album spent 50 consecutive weeks on Billboard's Adult Alternative chart, introducing a new genre called Designer Music — music created for a special effect as well as entertainment. Doc Childre, CEO of HeartMath LLC, is a leading authority on human performance and personal effectiveness. He founded the non-profit Institute of HeartMath (IHM) in 1991 out of a sincere desire to help people empower themselves. In 1998 Doc created HeartMath LLC, a new for-profit training and consulting company borne out of IHM's biomedical research. Doc is also a composer, with two albums which complement HeartMath; s human performance technology.

eBook Heart Zones

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