God's Big Idea

PDF-file by Myles Munroe

God's Big Idea PDF ebook download This book helps lay the ground work for understanding how even the best intentioned theologians of our time have led us right back to the place where Jesus found the Pharisees; They had taken Gods laws meant to shine as a light to lead man and turned them into rules by with to control man.

Christianity today has become more about following the system of religion then it is about following Christ and living or more importantly seeking his kingdom. The hardest obstacle to overcome as I read this book was the thought that I am working towards the goal of one day leaving this Earth to Join Gods Kingdom "in Heaven". When in actuality Jesus always said the Kingdom was coming to Earth and is here now.

Reread the bible with that concept in mind and suddenly so much more makes sense and becomes clear....

eBook God's Big Idea

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