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Born in a small firm with the big dream of becoming a tax lawyer, Mitch Mcdeere works hard days and nights. All his hard work pays off when he graduates with honor in the Havard University. With a bright future ahead, Mitch chooses the most affluent, wealthiest firm with copious, attractive salary. After a few months of working for Benidi, Lambert & Locke, Mitch starts delving into secrets that endanger his life. That is when the FBI appears and tells Mitch that what he suspects is correct and offers a deal on safety for his and the one he loves. “ Now, Mitch is caught between a rock and a hard place, with no choice – if he wants to live…”

As always, with an attractive, fast paced language, John Grisham has hooked the audience up.This book is amazing due to its speed, its accuracy of words, its plot and its characters. Things happened so dashing and expeditious which made readers feel how thrilling things were happening. Using that type of language could be a two – bladed – knife if the author couldn’t filter all the details; it would slow the beat down, and it was a typical aberration. However, if it were successful, the result would be magnificent. In this case, Grisham had done it well again. The author chose to describe a lot in the way that the character faces with the problem, and it is very smart and professional of him. Also, Grisham sets up a lot of situations to challenge the main character, Mitch, to overcome.This has made the story more unique, since it’s a mashup of adventure, action, fictional, a bit of romance and thriller.

“The Firm” is a thrilling novel with the variety of emotions. As so, to make the readers sympathetic, word – accuracy is vital. Without word accuracy, the story and emotions with the idea would be meaningless. This would make the story boring and all the excitement the plot brings about would mostly be reduced. The words must all be as accurate as possible, otherwise, the breathtaking situations or electrifying chases during the whole book would be tiring and wasteful. Therefore, word – accuracy is necessary. At this point, Grisham has been doing very well indeed. I love the way he describes hard and tough times in the book, how the character feel, how the character couldn’t resist the sexy beauty, and how he found out that he got busted.

In my opinion, what makes me can’t help myself without dropping the book down is the furious and rapid spot. Things happen so angrily and quickly that it whirls me into the world where there is no place for a slightly mistake even though the time is running fast. I could imagine myself standing the place where Mitch is standing, thanks to the precise words he used. However, Grisham has used a perfect combination between the fast beat and the slow tone. When Mitch is facing a problem or solving one, he slows things down so that the readers have time and space to think. This bit made him to have the lion’s feast in the reader’s heart.

The character created by Grisham is quite good; although there are several mistakes he has created. I must admit that the way Mitch shows trust to someone is completely correct in the situation. At first, he rejects the FBI’s offers while he knew the FBI is the best chance he has to survive. However, at one point of the story, he trusted them completely until one FBI agent betrayed the deal between the FBI Director Voyles. This has completely burnt down the trust he gave the FBI, and the run starts. The run is the best part, in my opinion. By making a wise and smart character, he has written many excellent and splendid chases, at which he is good at. Another point I want to make is how Mitch bowed beneath the beauty and the regret he has the day after. In the story, when he is drunk, he couldn’t control himself at the beach with lots of bikinis running around, he feels weak. Therefore, even a man with an attractive wife like Mitch couldn’t resist from the sexy beauty and this leads to the blackmailing of the firm. The way Mitch feels afraid of being busted is natural.

However, there are mistakes Grisham has made. The first one is to exaggerate Mitch, a normal tax lawyer, and made him into a spy by cooking him abilities, contacts and eccentric intelligence that a normal person wouldn’t have. This created a contrast: Indeed, Mitch might be thought to be dumb and selfish to dig up secrets that belong to the past while he is supposed to be very bright in a spying style. This contrast may give people pleasure, but most of the readers find this hard to understand. At the first chapter, Mitch is a clever boy with a third – place – in – class Harvard degree. Later on, Mitch is dumb to delve into secrets that endanger his life and Abby, his love. He knew the consequences – to get killed – so he mustn’t do anything to bring it out into the light, and bring his life and his love into the dark. This is the first huge mistake Grisham has made, although it is necessary for the story to go on.On the other hand, this story could have gone another way if he hasn’t made that mistake. However, in my opinion, he could and should have changed the whole plot into a spy novel just by creating a smart character.

The second blunder he made is how he described the betrayal FBI agent. He should have written more to bring about anger inside the reader with his word – accuracy. By just slipping through the details, Grisham gives the reader no reason to read about the chase. This is a typical mistake for every author since the book is about to end.

For me, “ The Firm” is an extraordinary book with an amazing and stunning plot, even though it still has s several mistakes.

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