Vanishing Cincinnati

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Vanishing Cincinnati PDF ebook download The images and stories here reconnect us with the city's century of greatness, from 1850 to 1950, when

the urban fabric was tightly woven with an eclectic mix of

residential neighborhoods, parks, shops, and entertainment,

all nestled within embracing hilltops, and with a street-level

infrastructure that was both functional and inspirational.

The city's extraordinary diversity of architecture, old and

new, side by side, brings the fourth dimension of time into

an equation that ennobles and enriches the Queen City. The

Day's freely drawn images in Vanishing Cincinnati breathe

life into the idea that careful preservation of these venerable

structures brings longevity and cultural richness to the

heart of the city. It can happen here. It did happen here.

And now, with the resurgence of creativity of all kinds in

Downtown and Over-the-Rhine, it is happening again.

eBook Vanishing Cincinnati

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