The Man Who Wore All His Clothes

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The Man Who Wore All His Clothes PDF ebook download The Man who wore all his Clothes, by Allan Ahlberg, tells the story of a day in the life of the Gaskitt family as they get up and head for work and school. I have used this story with my year 2 class (7 year old) as part of the Literacy evolve scheme of work over the last few weeks. I found this book particularly use for getting pupils to think about and ask questions,for example the obvious, why is Mr Gaskitt wearing all of his clothes.

This is one of several books by Ahlberg that features the quirky Gaskitt family, including Horace the cat. The chapters are just the right length for a daily dose of Ahlberg daftness, and always close with a mini cliff hanger leaving the reader/listener wanting more. This is particularly useful to use and show pupils while I was getting them to write their own longer stories, focusing on cliff hanger endings to chapters and exciting events throughout each chapter.

The story is nicely constructed with a curious beginning, a fun and exciting middle, and a satisfying end. A great introduction for young readers to the genre of mystery, with a little adventure thrown in for good measure. The illustrations are captivating and tell the story just as well as the words on the page. An enjoyable, light hearted read. Without wanting to be picky I must add the the sentence opener 'meanwhile' is repeated throughout the story and I found this quite bugging when reading the story to my class, however on the whole I found this text an enjoyable read with my pupils and a good text to use in a fiction writing series of work.

eBook The Man Who Wore All His Clothes

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