Your & My Secret, Volume 3 (Your & My Secret, #3)

PDF-file by Ai Morinaga

Your & My Secret, Volume 3 (Your & My Secret, #3) PDF ebook download While I loved the first two volumes of this series, all this volume seems to be doing is just treading water. It's only the third volume, so things could improve with the next entry.

In this volume Akira's best friend finally starts to get savvy to what's going on after hearing Akira & Momoi talking about the switch, but this happens at the very end of the book so we don't get to see the after effect of this. (Sorta a spoiler, but it's listed in Tokyopop's summary so I don't consider it a real spoiler.)

Really & truthfully, I'm starting to lose interest in this series. It's cute & at times it can be entertaining, but the manga's plot seems to only hinge around Akira & Momoi. Other characters that were brought up in the first volume (such as Akira's family) seem to have dropped off the radar entirely, while other plotlines seem to be going in a revolving circle. It's cute, but is it really worth $10 if the next few volumes are going to be the same thing? I'll read the next volume, but if things don't pick up with Senbongi discovering the secret I'll probably move onto another series.

eBook Your & My Secret, Volume 3 (Your & My Secret, #3)

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