Sass and Compass for Designers

PDF-file by Ben Frain

Sass and Compass for Designers PDF ebook download Simply empowering!

A step-by-step Sass guide, perfect for the designers who find the command line interface intimidating, and right up the street of the more advanced folks having started to develop with both Sass and Compass like me.

Very much enjoyed the simple and humorous tone of the book. Definitely a great reference to go back to while working away as it's packed with valuable background information, easily understandable instructions, tips and tricks.

Ben uses a real use case to show us why and how we should use Sass and Compass. It's both instructive and resourceful. You literally shouldn't be allowed to go the Sassy way without reading Ben's book.

Do yourselves a favor and save you some time by reading it all from day one.

eBook Sass and Compass for Designers

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