What About the Baby?

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What About the Baby? PDF ebook download MOTHER. BABY. AND EVIL MADE THREE…

Though little older than a child herself, Gabrielle Hansen is determined to give her baby all the love that had been denied her in the orphanage she called home. Except as the baby grows inside her, strange chants begin to enter her mind. . . visions of death haunt her dreams . . . and dead animals turn up in her bed, their blood smeared on bedroom mirrors. But the real horror begins when Gabrielle learns the truth about the dark forces that have been watching her, and lusting after her unborn son. She races across the country in desperation, trying to flee an undying evil from the past that wants the one thing that Gabrielle holds most dear— her baby.


“You won’t sleep after you read this one!” ~The West Orange Times on Somebody Come and Play

"A macabre imagination and a tight rein on your nerves are required for McNally's latest release.” ~Publishers Weekly on Good Night Sweet Angel

eBook What About the Baby?

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