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Quinn's Deal PDF ebook download In a harsh dystopian future, all but the elite must rely on a series of cutthroat "deals" to survive. Quinn's latest deal put some much-needed cash in his pocket—but did his benefactor tell him the whole truth about the bargain?Critical Acclaim:"L. Timmel Duchamp's view of the future is darkly believable in QUINN'S DEAL. Quinn witnesses the atrocities of his times, as does his anonymous benefactor, resulting in a scathing social commentary on the way society treats its aging generation. Lending a new spin on Orwell's theme that Big Brother is watching, Duchamp's novella is both thoughtful and intense . . .highly recommended." —Cindy Penn, WordweavingAuthor's notes:As a resident of Seattle for the last couple of decades, I couldn't help but notice the destruction of affordable housing by developers eager to create luxury accommodations for the regions 60,000 (mostly new) millionaires, thereby rendering a sizable number of families homeless. Since this process of urban transformation is a matter of great concern for those of us who live and work in the city, I chose to take it as the context for my story. The central story itself, about L. Quinn, evolved out of my desire to understand the strange contradictions of a person who, like Quinn, is hurt by the very ideological attitudes he upholds—specifically, in this case, and adamant opposition to universal health care.

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